Emerging Composer Premieres |
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Emerging Composer Premieres

*Commissioned/premiered by Haven
^written for Haven


^Bambrick, Spencer. “….you, are a Photon.” Self-published, 2023. Listen. Score.

^Cain, Jason. How Do I Love Thee. Self-published, 2023.

^Chen, Jing Xian. The Air is Different Here. Self-published. 2023.

^Fontaine, Evan. The Owl. Self-published, 2022. Listen.

^Garrett, Keaton. For You, O Democracy. Self-published, 2023. Score.

^Gravel, Spencer. Underwater. Self-published, 2024. Score.

^Gravel, Spencer. You Don’t Want to Know. Self-published, 2023. Score.

^Hall, Eric. In Memory of Everett C. Marm. Self-published, 2023. Score.

^Jordan, Chase. A Blossomed Bough is Broken. Self-published, 2023. Score.

^Kim, Gahyung. Ari-Ari. Self-published, 2023.

^Knorr, Nicole. Waiting to Speak. Self-published, 2024. Score.

^Kriedler, Charlie. The Chatter of a Death Demon from a Tree Top. Self-published, 2024.

^Li, Qianni. Passing East of Hartford. Self-published, 2023.

^Mallett, Noah. Star Fragments. Self-published, 2023.

^Martin, Davis. Fever. Self-published, 2023. Listen. Score.

^Niemann, Sylvia. The Fruits of the Spirit. Self-published, 2022. Listen.

^Stratford, Kento. Songs from the Attic. Self-published, 2022. Listen.