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International Clarinet Association 

“Haven Trio’s performance was flawless. The trio took listeners on a journey of powerful emotions. The trio performed Make Me a Willow Cabin by Lee Kesselman and Nattsanger by Abbie Betinis.  Clarinetist Kimberly Cole Luevano has complete control of the tone colors she produces. Her dynamic limits, both soft and loud, are almost unimaginable. Her technical skills are vast but are always in service of the work’s expression. Soprano Lindsay Kesselman’s range and ability to create countless timbral variation is unmatched. Pianist Midori Koga also has compete control of her medium. She has the unique ability to change moods and aesthetics within a piece in a way that seems effortless. Together, these three musicians paint pictures as much as create music. One cannot imagine an emotion they did not express through their performance, leaving the audience breathless.”

American Record Guide

“Luevano has great energy, a pleasant tone, and solid fingers. Koga is solid at the keyboard, granting each score the essential character and rhythmic integrity. Kesselman steals the show in the Betinis with exceptional color and clarity, superb diction, and profoundly heartfelt phrasing; her command of both traditional lyricism and Sprechstimme is breathtaking. Betinis is a beautiful work in its own right, full of expert craft and deeply stirring sentiment, and clarinetists and vocalists alike need to check out this important contribution to their repertoire.”

Sequenza 21

“Fleur de Son’s recently released ‘Bright Angel’ is an album that does right by new music in this country. It champions important composers….through amazingly performed works that are strong and indicative of contemporary styles without sacrificing their reverence for tradition. ‘Bright Angel’ features three of today’s most fabulously gifted interpreters of contemporary music…their performances are exquisite as is their ensemble chemistry.”

Fanfare Magazine

“Clarinetist Kimberly Cole Luevano is a most skillful artist who answers Etezady’s call to virtuosity with perfect runs while pianist Midori Koga accompanies her with clear and accurate pianism….(Kesselman) has a fully-loaded palette of tone color that she blends with the exquisite playing of Cole Luevano. (She) and Midori Koga play all of the music on this Fleur de Son disc with exquisite tone colors….(Kesselman’s) singing is simply gorgeous.”

Libby Larsen

“Congratulations on the whole disc. It’s a knock-out.”

Joan Tower

“Wonderful playing….so much passion!”