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HAVEN Educational Residencies

To discuss availability and booking, contact:

HAVEN Trio Residency at CT SummerFest — June 2022


HAVEN performs compositions or excerpts from our repertoire, subsequently discussing and analyzing the music and our approach to rehearsal strategies, performance practice, and composer working relationships. Questions from the audience are welcomed.

Open rehearsals

HAVEN welcomes audience members to observe a public rehearsal.  Audience questions are encouraged.

Masterclasses (solo and chamber music)

HAVEN members will listen to solo or small ensemble performances, offering comments and suggestions. ​Groups of any instrumentation (playing music from ​any time period)​ are welcome. HAVEN can direct 2 or 3 masterclasses simultaneously in different performance spaces.

For residencies that last 4 days or more, HAVEN is happy to continue working with chamber ensembles following initial masterclasses, provided an ensemble has had adequate time to rehearse.

Solo lessons in voice, clarinet or piano

HAVEN members have decades of collegiate teaching experience and will schedule individual private or group lessons.

Seminars on Special Topics

Members of HAVEN will discuss building a career in music. Topics may include how to form and maintain a chamber music ensemble, how to communicate effectively in rehearsals and meetings, how to choose and prepare repertoire, and how to perform with conviction for an audience, building a solo career, seeking/maintaining a job in academia, building a private studio, preparing graduate school auditions, or other similar topics of interest.

Length and specific details regarding sessions are negotiable.